Iti is my recent book of poetry in language Punjabi. It contained the work of the last few years. I thank everything that is the part of my journey & to everything that is not so far. With ‘Iti’ I had wonderful experiences. While working consciously on ‘Iti’ from the last couple of months for the publisher; I had gone through a very strange process, which I have lived like never before. Reading or editing your poetry is a very hazardous, anxious and sort of intense process. You cannot edit or alter breathe. I was wondering as a total stranger in my poems; been to the places where I never been before; loving or being loved by unknown faces; touched by the void.

How can one write poetry?

I think one cannot write Poetry; Poetry is not something writable thing. Poetry is unknown; lying between lines, between words, marking your breath. you can only think that you are writing poetry. One can only read poetry; That too only if poetry lets you in; that’s the only way; I think that is the only way of life too.
You are always reading poetry even when you think you are writing it.

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