About PrePoetic

PrePoetic is a creative space for writing. It’s fluid as imagination & unbound by ideology, mission or purpose. Creativity in nakedness. We are nomads of ideas. We will celebrate the creative work and share it. A book is never a small event. We begin with first step and hope to hear other footfalls with the second. You can also contact us if you would like to join a pre-poet for poetry or other areas of poetry, for a project or for the publishing of your books.


In addition to reading and writing, We have started an organization called PrePoetic Vision, Which works in the field of writing & making films. In this organization, We are having a number of writers, directors & literary rights & a complete team to achieve our goal of turning literary masterpieces into movies.

Shivdeep is a Poet, Editor & Film Writer who writes in Punjabi Hindi and English. Has been part of many literary journals and publications in recent years and completed well know work in the field of literature. In addition to being published in various national and international journals, two of his poetry books in the language Punjabi have been published. The first book is called, ‘HAIRAT‘ published in the year 2013 and the second is ‘Iti’ published in the year 2019. Both books have gained the attention of both readers and critics. As a film writer & Director Shivdeep has completed projects for PUNJABI SAHIT ACADEMY & a renowned Film Directors in the Punjabi Film Industry. 

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